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Anthurium andraeanum

Native range: Colombia and Ecuador

Known names: Flamingo Flower

Hardiness: Avoid freezing temperatures

Mature Size: 3' Tall, 5'+ wide

Light: Bright, bright indirect light, morning sun

Water: Tolerant to dry spells but best kept watered but not soggy. 

Soil: Standard potting soil with larger wood chips, pumice. Add some Dolomite limestone to raise the pH.

Dormancy Period: N/A

Pet-Safe: No

Plant Size: Small 2" pot.


Anthuriums in general are quite fascinating, most of them are epiphytes which means they can grow on other larger plants without needing to dig their roots into the soil. They require higher pH soil though in order to absorb nutrients properly. Anthurium andraeanums are one of several plants listed by NASA as being effective in removing formaldehyde, ammonia, toulene, and xylene from the air...(pretty much they remove bad chemicals from the air)

Anthurium andraeanum

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