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Ficus microcarpa

Native range: Wide range from China to Southeast Asia, to Oceana

Known names: Chinese Banyan, Malayan Banyan, Indian Laurel, Curtain fig, Gajumaru, Ginseng Ficus

Hardiness: USDA Zones 10a-12b (can take light, short frost.)

Mature Size: ~40' Tall, ~30' Wide (Much smaller indoors)

Light: 5 hours - full day sun 

Water: Keep soil moist, can handle drought if grown outdoors.

Soil: Standard potting soil

Dormancy Period: Winter

Pet-Safe: No

Plant Size: grown in 4" pot, shipped semi bare root


Glossy obtuse leaves with a very thick trunk and exposed root flare. 

Often mistaken for Ficus retusa, but F. retusa has rounded ovate leaves. 

Ficus microcarpa [4"]

SKU: 1789678704171
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