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Welcome to
The Other Side Nursery!

     Welcome to The Other Side Nursery, a small plant shop located in Gresham, Oregon. The business was born in 2019 as a booth at the local farmer's market. Our current focus is on indoor plants, so you can bring a little bit of nature into your home or workplace. Of course with a shop upgrade we would be able to carry outdoor plants, but we are working with the space we have. Though we may be small, we have a big heart for plants and those who love them. We have been collecting and growing various types of plants since 2008, and through trial and error, we have learned how to care for them properly. We are passionate about helping others be successful with their plants and strive to create a community of plant lovers. We are making plants accessible to everyone!

Stoned Princess is a branch of our shop that leans more towards stones and crystals.

We host "The Other Plant Sale" [hopefully] every Spring and Autumn. Stay tuned for more information or please check it out in "Events" tab for past events' information.

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The Other Side Nursery
458 SE 185th Ave. #103
Portland, Oregon 97233
(971)754-9013 | 

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