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Sarracenia Mystery Rhizomes are back!
We have lots of them, as for other plants please check in with us for inventory first before ordering.

Check the "Event" page for more information!

Thank you for visiting our website!

We are currently a small-scale shop in Gresham, Oregon. We carry a an array of, mainly, tropical plants, and a decent amount of crystals and various minerals in our tiny shop. In the future we hope to expand to outdoor selection; but for now we have to work with the space we are lucky to have :).

Our goal is to make plants accessible to everyone! This means keeping our prices reasonable for our customers. We know that plants bring joy to people, and everyone deserves to be able to afford what they want.

We will focus on our online shop again but at the moment our in-store selection takes priority.

We know that there is a lot of "Out of Stock" plants listed, but this doesn't 100% mean that we are completely out of stock. We are still figuring out a good system we can work with in order to keep our online stock aligned with what we actually have on-hand.

If you see something on our website that you like but it is listed as "Out of Stock" please feel free to e-mail us at to check, there is a decent chance that we do have it available.

Thank you every much for giving us a chance and continuing to be a patron to us! We truly appreciate everyone :)!

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New Arrivals!!!
New Plants added August 25, 2021

The Other Side Nursery
458 SE 185th Ave. #103
Portland, Oregon 97233
(971)754-9013 | 

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