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Looking for the perfect plant for your home or office? Browse our selection by category or by light requirements. Whether you're looking for a low-light plant for your bedroom or a sun-loving plant for your living room, we've got you! We usually ship packages out 2-4 days after orders have been placed. For our 2.5" plants, we generally ship with the pot and soil- unless stated otherwise. For 4" pots, we loosen up the soil to reduce shipping weight and potential mishap due to heavy root ball. We use random packages so your packages will arrive in boxes that usually have nothing to do with plants, we are just reusing what we have access to readily. 

Shop by light requirement.
It is important to keep light in mind when finding the perfect spot for plants. Light aids in chlorophyll production, and chlorophyll is a plant's main food/energy source. Without sufficient light plants are more-likely to grow weak and are more susceptible to pests, diseases and rot. If you have artificial light it is important to leave the light on for at least 12 hours no matter light requirements are. We have broken down light requirements to four levels.

Northern Hemisphere Window Direction





N - North - Not the best position for most plants other than the very low light plant such as Snake Plant and ZZ Plant.

NE - Northeast - A fairly low light direction but works well for most ferns, Begonias, Fittonia, Hypoestes- plants that don't want intese light.

NW - Northwest - This direction is acceptable to lower light plant since it receives late afternoon sun that is past the intense midday stage. 

E - East - Morning sun. Best window for most low light plants since the sunlight is gentle. 

W - West - This window direction is generally to be avoided unless it is shaded by a tree or something that dampens the harshness of the afternoon sun. The intensity is too sudden and can cause burns. 

SE - Southeast - This direction receives sun most of the day and generally skips the hotter late afternoon sun. 

SW - Southwest - This direction is generally pretty intense. Works well with succulents. 

S - South - This is the perfect window direction for most high light plants since it receives the most light throughout the day. Though this window receives more light than a west-facing window, it allows plants to adjust to the increasing strength starting with early morning sun. 

Full Sun - Best grown outside in full sun.



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