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List of T.O.P.S. 2023 Fall (September 16) vendors and products they will be bringing. Products they bring are not limited to what is listed but this list is what they specialize in. Many vendors will have a lot more than what is quickly listed here. 

Plant Vendors

Craft Vendors

Tropical Plants- Anthurium, Philodendron

Cara G. 

Tropical Plants- Anthuriums, Alocasias, Philodendrons

Courting Frogs Nursery
Carnivorous plants - Sarracenia, Dionaea, Drosera, Nepenthes, Heliamphora, Pinguicula, and more.

Deann Orr
Begonia, Anthurium

Emerald & Albo
Tropical Plants - Philodendron, Hoya

Fabled PDX

Tropical Plants

Goat & Stag Botanicals

Tropical plants - Aroids, orchids, bonsai, roasted coffee 

Green Being Garden
Assorted plants

In Search of Small Things
Terrarium plants, bubble terrariums, aroids, discounted lighting

Kaleidoscope Exotic Plants
Tropical Plants - begonias, aroids, jewel orchids, various plants for terrariums

Laura S.
Anthuriums, plants for terrariums

Obi Plants
Tropical plants

Oregon Orchid Society

Rancho Cacto

Ray's Tropicals 
Tropical plants

Roosevelt's Terrariums
Terrarium and terrarium plants

Shoba I.
Tropical plants

The Green Side
Assorted plants

The Robin's Nest
Tropical Plants, plant themed jewelry, own line of skincare products made by them.

Thistle & Bee Botanics

Tropical plants

Tzakis Natuals LLC
Assorted plants

Van Hevelingen Herb Nursery
Annual and perennial herbs


Black Crow Peddles
Wire wrap jewelry, crochets

Classiq Drip
Drip art on canvas and pots

Cositas PDX
Handmade earrings

Crave Bath and Body Confections
Bath confections

danger garden + Andrew Bohl
Author of "Fearless Gardening", repurposed planted containers
Art by Andrew Bohl.

FranChKa's Hodgepodge
"Forever plants"- specializing in black-thumbbed clientele, crochet plants, crafts

Fruits of The Sacred Soul
Jewelry with items from nature, plant hangers, keychains, propagation stations, plants

Glitter & Clay Creations
Handmade clay jewelry

Hiss Buzz Hum
Nature-inspired cards, prints, magnets, art

Meraki Arcane Art
Art, jewelry, plants

Plants in My Pants
Wearable art, functional art, painting/prints, jewelry pins, stickers, plant cuttings

Functional pottery, plants, bowls, vases, etc.

Stoned Princess
Carved and raw crystals and minerals

Sword Fern Studios
Nature prints, stationary, home made goods

To Love and Dye
Hand dyed plant based yarn, tea towels, napkins, plants

Vining Plant Designs
Trellises, keychains, earrings, fake succulents, plant stakes

Woodland Oracle
Stained glass suncatchers


Supply / Service

Backyard U.
Garden and plant classes

Olivo Liquidations
Second-hand / vintage supplies and decorations

Vending: Tropical plants, succulents
Service: "Book club for plants" for queer and neurodivergent beginner gardeners, a safe space to for learning.

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