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List of T.O.P.S. 2024 Spring (May 18, 2024) vendors and products they will be bringing. Products they bring are not limited to what is listed but this list is what they specialize in. Many vendors will have a lot more than what is quickly listed here. 

Plant Vendors


Arts & Craft

1st Choice Botanics, LLC


B Starr Creations

Backyard University

Best Beloved Ornamentals

Breezy Botanicals

Cardigan Studio

Carmas Plants

Corazon de Huitzilin

Cory Paul


Courting Frogs Nursery

Crave Bath&Body Confections LLC

Deann Orr

Emerald & Albo

FranChKa's Hodgepodge

From the Node

Fun Party Box

Gina B


In Search of Small Things

Joshua Tree Native

Kaleidoscope Exotic Plants

Katie & Roxanne

Kay Kailea

Leaf Skeletons

Leafy Curiosities

Meraki Arcane Art


Mossy Heighs Growing

Mossy Marvels

Mt Hood Gesneriad Society

Ninth Circle Forge

Obi Plants

One Green World

Orchideas Amazonicas

Oregon Orchid Society

Petal & Stardust

Plant Blessed


Portland Botanical Garden

Portland Carnivorous Plants

Portland Plantpanions


Rancho Cacto

Ray's Tropicals

Simply Les Creations

Stoned Princess

Sunshine Creek Farm & Flower

Sweet Tica Silver

Sword Fern Studios


The Green Being Garden

The Green Side

Tzakis Naturals

Van Hevelingen Herb Nursery

Woodland Oracle

Wy’East Wasabi

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