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Thank you for your visiting us! Before ordering please read:

As plants are living organisms that can be affected by multiple factors (i.e. heat, cold, being flung around during shipping, getting stomped on along the way), we understand that not all shipment will be successful. We perform a full visual health inspection of our plants before shipping. As in nature, some plants may have a scratch or two on their leaves, we try our best to avoid sending plants with damaged leaves during their time here and during packing. After leaving our nursery, our plants are at the mercy of the carriers (currently USPS) and we can not control how they handle our package during shipping. Damaged boxes are out of our control, so are extra damaged leaves. Please keep in mind that plants will certainly grow new leaves to replace old leaves; plants will rarely die due to damaged leaves. We try our best to pack plants up as best as possible to prevent damage to plant.

Please check your weather before ordering, please send me an e-mail to delay shipping, avoid ordering right before a hurricane, blizzard, firestorm, etc. 

Shipping Method:

All plants that can handle being shipped bare root will be; to cut down on shipping cost. They will either be wrapped in sphagnum moss, wet paper towel or sent without media. Plants will be taped up to the side of the box to prevent any jostling during shipping. If you prefer other methods please inform during ordering. Thank you!

Please be aware: We recycle boxes obtained from a local pet shop; boxes used might look like boxes for pet products. 

Plants will be shipped on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Orders made on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be shipped on Mondays. 

Plants will not be shipped if there is a Holiday within 3 days. 


We will replace plants (with pictures) that:

  • Died on arrival (not weather-related)

  • Reasonable amount of damage to plant, not "Two leaves fell off during shipping!"

We will not replace plants that:

  • Were left on porch/mailbox to burn 

  • Were left on porch/mailbox to freeze

  • Pet damaged the plant

  • "It arrived...but two leaves fell off during shipping!" 

  • Stolen package (though new plant can be sent at a discount).


For returns, please inform us before sending product(s) back at . The Other Side Nursery will not cover return shipping cost. Product must be in our possession before return credit is issued. 

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