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Adromischus festivus

Native range: Mountains of South Africa

Known names: Adromischus cooperi var. festivus, Plover Eggs Succulent, Knuppelplakkie

Hardiness: Best kept above freezing but can handle freezing for a short time if kept dry.

Mature Size: ~2.5" tall, grows a stemmed cluster of round leaves

Light: Bright light, Full Sun

Water: Drought tolerant, water when soil is dry.

Soil: Succulent mix

Dormancy Period: Winter

Pet-Safe: Yes

Plant Size: 4" pot, bare-root


Adromischus festivus are curious little succulents. They produce short stems but are covered with fleshy, thick, spotted leaves. They can withstand a bit of frost as long as the soil remains dry[er]. It is best to soak the pot entirely when you water this one. 

    Adromischus festivus [4"]

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