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Adromischus marianae f. herrei

Native range: South Africa

Known names: N/A

Hardiness: Keep above 50°F

Mature Size: ~3.5" Tall x ~4" Wide

Light: Full sun in cooler region, half day sun in deserts

Water: Let soil dry then soak pot.

Soil: Succulent potting mix, standard potting soil with pumice/perlite added

Dormancy Period: N/A

Pet-Safe: No

Plant Size: Grown in 4" pot, shipped nbare root


Very wrinkly, rough-looking, football-shaped leaves that ranges from dark green to shades of purple. Ground-hugging succulent that tapers at the base. Purple tubular flowers appear on long inflorescens late summer.

Adromischus marianae f. herrei

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