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Asplenium nidus 'Narrow Leaf'

Native range: South Asia, South East Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands

Known names: Bird's Nest Fern

Hardiness: Best kept above 60°F

Mature Size: ~2' x 2' Indoors. MUCH larger in tropical areas outdoors.

Light: Bright indirect light, Lower light is acceptable but this fern will not be as robust. Avoid direct sun.

Water: Keep soil evenly moist, avoid applying water in the center of the plant. Will tolerate drying out for a VERY BRIEF period of time.

Soil: Standard potting soil, Long Fiber Sphagnum moss if mounted

Dormancy Period: N/A

Pet-Safe: Yes

Plant Size: 4" Pot, shipped semi-bare root.'


The Bird's Nest Fern can be grown either in a pot or mounted on wood planks. They will benefit from occasional misting. This is the narrow leaf verison of the standard Bird's Nest Fern.

Asplenium nidus 'Narrow Leaf' (Bird's Nest Fern) [4"]

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