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Astrophytum asterias

Native range: Southern Texas, Eastern Central Mexico

Known names: Star Cactus

Hardiness: Best above freezing, can handle light frost.

Mature Size: ~3" Tall, ~6" Wide

Light: Best in at least 5 hours of direct sun - Full sun 

Water: Water weekly/every other week during warm season, leave dry during cold season.

Soil: Fast-draining, "succulent mix" 

Dormancy Period: N/A

Pet-Safe: No

Plant Size: Grown in 3" pot, shipped bare root.


Urchin-like shape, slow-growing spine-free cactus. Light yellowish white tufts of fuzzy fuzz covers the areole that lines the center of the rib. Flowers appear from the center, petal color can range from plant to plant from white to orange. Usually seed-grown so each plant can look different from each other due to genetic makeup- so scale/speckle can have different density and pattern. 

Astrophytum asterias [3"]

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