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Calathea elliptica 'Vittata'

Native range: South America

Known names: Pinstripe Plant, Prayer Plant

Hardiness: Best kept above 60°F

Mature Size: ~8' Tall, ~8' Wide

Light: Bright indirect light, early morning sun, reflected light.

Water: Keep soil moist but not soggy

Soil: Standard potting mix

Dormancy Period: Winter

Pet-Safe: Yes

Plant Size: Grown in 4" pot, shipped semi-bare-root


Pale creamy white leaves with green veins. Upright grower with lancolated leaves.

This plant is part of the "Prayer Plant" family; this means that the leaves will fold upward during the evening hours through morning. 

This Calathea likes higher humidity than many other Calatheas 

Calathea elliptica 'Vittata' (Prayer Plant) [4"]

SKU: 2486396136071
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