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Dionaea muscipula

Native range: East Coast USA (Carolinas)

Known names: Venus Flytrap

Hardiness: Zone 8 (Takes freezing well if temperatures don't fall below 20°F, protect if freeze lasts longer than a week.)

Mature Size: ~3" Tall, Spreads as big as the pot


Water: Sit in around 1" of water, Make sure that water is distilled, R.O. or rainwater. Lower water level in winter.

Soil: Sphagnum peat moss and pearlite mix (Do not use regular potting soil)

Dormancy Period: Winter

Pet-Safe: Yes

Plant Size: Grown in 2.5" pot


Dionaea muscipula (Venus Flytraps) are best grown outdoors, plants have high mortality rate if grown indoors due to lack of light, improper humidity and ventilation. This is one if the easiest plant to grow if you grow it in FULL SUN and sitting in water that's low in total dissolved solids such as rain, R.O., or distilled. (Though some municipal water can be used, check to make sure that the TDS reads below 50). 

They technically only need to eat about 3 insects pet year for the entire plant, they can catch their own food without humans helping can still feed them if you would like, each trap can only reopen about 5 times before it dies off (and grows new ones).

WINTER DORMANT! Traps will start to turn black in autumn, do not be concerned...this is very normal. Clip off flowers in the spring time for the first year or two to discourage weakening of plant, flowers take lots of energy away from the plant. 

    Dionaea muscipula (Venus Flytrap) [2.5"]

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