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Euphorbia monstrose

Native range: South Africa

Known names: 

Hardiness: Down to 30°F, heat tolerant, can take lower temperatures if kept dry.

Mature Size: 5", spreads outward.

Light: Bright indirect light - full sun

Water: Drought tolerant, water when soil is dry.

Soil: Succulent mix

Dormancy Period: N/A

Pet-Safe: No

Plant Size: 2.5" pot


Euphorbia monstrose forms an outward-growing clumps of balls! Older canes will be more-elongated but new growth will still look like tiny little balls. Yes, Euphorbia produces toxic sap but just don't eat or put the sap in your eyes. Euphorbias are technically not cactus some of them, including this one, can be grown like one. 

Euphorbia monstrose [2.5"]

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