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Hylocereus undatus

Native range: Most-likely South America (Species' origin remains unresolved)

Known names: Dragon Druit, Pitaya

Hardiness: Best kept above freezing

Mature Size: Mature plant be grown epiphytically, climbing up trees in the right condition

Light: Half-Day Sun - Full Sun

Water: Succulent-style watering, water a bit more often during hotter months. 

Soil: Fast-draining succulent mix.

Dormancy Period: N/A

Pet-Safe: No

Plant Size: 4" Pot, shipped bare-root


This plant is a succulent-vine producing plant that can grow around 10' tall in a year; if condition allows it, warm and humid is what they like. They can still grow really well in cooler climates as long as they're brought inside before the first freeze. H. undatus will produce these magnificent-looking ultra neon pink fruits that are edible, the plant itself is lined with mini spines on the edges! Have you ever had Dragon Fruit before? Honestly it doesn't taste like much...


"It is what you'd wish snow tasted like" -Chis


It is also nicknamed "Pitaya" after the city of Pattaya in Thailand. Why didn't they just call it "Pattaya" then? *Shrugz*

Hylocereus undatus (Dragon Fruit) [4"]

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