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Lapidaria margaretae

Native range: Southern Namibia

Known names: Karoo Rose

Hardiness: Can take short period of light freeze. 

Mature Size: Forms a small cluster ~5" wide

Light: FULL SUN.

Water: Very drought tolerant but appreciates water during hotter seasons. Maybe every other week during summer. 

Soil: Succulent mix, add sand. 

Dormancy Period: Winter

Pet-Safe: No

Plant Size: 2.5" pot


Smooth, silky geometry!

Lapidaria margaretae is in the catagory of "Living Stone", like many "Living Stones" they appreciate bright, hot-hot-hot sun with some water during summer. We have success growing ours on the top shelf in the greenhouse, with zero water in winter. Water starts again when flower buds appear. The sun is this plant's best friend. Single yellow, daisy-like flower per rosette in spring.

Lapidaria margaretae [2.5"]

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