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Peperomia clusiifolia

Native range: Tropical Central America

Known names: Red Edge Peperomia, Peperomia obtusifolia var. clusiaefolia

Hardiness: Best kept above 60°F

Mature Size: ~10" - 1' tall, mound-growing, fuller with pruning and allowing to branch.

Light: Bright indirect light, morning sun

Water: Let soil dry out slightly between watering.

Soil: Standard potting soil

Dormancy Period: N/A

Pet-Safe: Yes

Plant Size: 2.5" Pot


Thicccc oval leaves; almost succulent-like. This is not your typical flimsy Peperomia. Leaves' edges will be maroon with brighter light. Easy to grow!

Peperomia clusiifolia 'Ginny' [4"]

SKU: 1443348166961
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