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Peperomia prostrata

Native range: Brazil

Known names: String of Turtles

Hardiness: Keep above 55°F

Mature Size: Vine-forming, Can reach 10+ feet in tropical areas.

Light: Medium - Bright Indirect

Water: Keep soil evenly moist, let soil dry out very slightly.

Soil: Standard potting mix, add bark and pumice for extra drainage.

Dormancy Period: N/A

Pet-Safe: Yes

Plant Size: Grown in 2.5" pot, shipped semi bare root



(One order = one pot similar to what is shown in the picture, plants are shipped with most soil removed for plant's safety.)


Peperomia prostratas produces round fascinatingly mottled leaves; they are usually grown as vining plants. These leaves are a bit delicate and can fall off easily when disturbed (like most other Peperomias). Sudden temperature change can also cause their leaves to fall.


Peperomia prostrata (String of Turtles) [2.5"]

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