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Asplenium scolopendrium 'Angustifolia'

Native range: Spreading across Europe

Known names: ['Angustifolia'] Heart's Tongue Fern, Phyllitis scolopendrium

Hardiness: USDA Zone 5b - 9b

Mature Size: ~10" Tall x 15" Wide

Light: Morning sun, shade, dappled light

Water: Keep soil moist, not soaking

Soil: Standard garden/potting soil that retains moisture.

Dormancy Period: Evergreen in winter

Pet-Safe: Yes

Plant Size: Grown in 3" pot, shipped semi-bare root


'Angustifolia' Hart's Tongue Fern forms VERY ruffled, upright, evergreen fronds. 

"Scolopendrium" is Latin for "centipede", this species was named this because the sori is vaguely centipede-like. 

Asplenium scolopendrium 'Angustifolia' [4"]

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