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Platycerium elephantotis

Native range: Tropical Central Africa

Known names: Elephant Ear Staghorn Fern

Hardiness: Best kept above 65°F

Mature Size: Depends on your region, but this plant can get large, Generally 4' Tall x 3' Wide if grown outdoor in tropical climates.

Light: Benefits from morning sun, no more than MORNING; diffused light

Water: Keep media slightly moist, don't let plant dry out too much- likes water more than many other Platycerium. 

Soil: Varies depending on how plant is displayed. Plant naturally grows as an epiphyte. 

Dormancy Period: N/A

Pet-Safe: Yes

Plant Size: 4" Pot, shipped semi-bare root.'


Fuzzy pale green fronds in odd shapes. Generally produces rectangular fronds, some will drape down and other will point upward; almost like a very elaborate prom dress. A very veiny plant. Mount on wood for a more natrual growth. 

Some people throw banana peels into the soil line to provide plant with extra potassium for a healthier frond growth. 

Platycerium elephantotis [4"]

SKU: 9718831720071
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