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Sansevieria cylindrica

Native range: Angola, southern Africa

Known names: Cylindrical Snake Plant, Spear Sansevieria , or African Spear.

Hardiness: Keep above freezing. 

Mature Size: 3'-4' tall, 2'-3' wide 

Light: Low - Full Sun. Not the prettiest plant when exposed to full sun though. 

Water: Low. Water after a week of complete dryness; soak the entire pot and let water flow out completely. 

Soil: Fast-draining, holds moisture well but fast-draining. Add extra pumice or pearlite into potting mix. 

Dormancy Period: N/A

Pet-Safe: No

Plant Size: 4" pot


This plant is perfect for those who are into neglecting plants. It is waaaay better to underwater this plant than overwatering it. Don't forget to repot this plant once the rhizome starts touching the side of the pot! People have reported hearing loud shot-gun type bangs in the middle of the night before due to their Sansevieria shattering their pot! 


This plant is shipped bareroot. 



Sansevieria cylindrica [4"]

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