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Sarracenia flava

Native range: South-Eastern U.S.A.

Known names: Yellow Pitcher Plant, Yellow Trumpet, North American Pitcher Plant, Pitcher Plant

Hardiness: USDA Zone 7

Mature Size: ~20-30" tall, flowers can be taller

Light: Full, at least 8 hours.

Water: Keep sitting in water (water must be low in total dissolved solids, such as distilled water, R.O. water)

Soil: 1/2 Sphagnum peat, 1/2 pearlite

Dormancy Period: Winter

Pet-Safe: Yes

Plant Size: 4" pot, shipped bareroot 


Sarracenia flavas are one of the more-prolific hardy pitcher plants. They are called "Yellow Pitchers" because their flower petals are a bit more yellow than other species. They are early-season growers but they seem to last longer than other early-season growers such as Sarracenia oreophillas. They a rhizome around 1 inches wide can fill up a 4" pot in a season. 


Like most temperate carnivorous plants. Keep your plant sitting in water (make sure that your water is very low in total dissolved solids; if not use distilled or R.O. water)

When repotting used 1/2 pearlite and 1/2 peat moss (Can be found in most garden center) DO NOT use standard potting soil!

Do not fertilize, let them catch their own me, they'll find their own food when they're placed in a suitable location.

Keep outdoors in FULL SUN.

They can make a cute terrarium plant for a few days but they really do need the full sun; maybe 1/2 day in desert regions. 

They can be grown in greenhouses but keep in mind that they will need to go into dormancy during winter so temperatures must drop below 40°F for several weeks.

Sarracenia flava (Yellow N. American Pitcher Plant) [4"]

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