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Sempervivum Chick Charms® 'Gold Nugget' (PP 28,284)

Native range: Areas surrounding the Medditerranean Sea, Black Sea and Caspian Sea.

Known names: Hens and Chicks, Houseleek, Liveforevers

Hardiness: USDA Zone 3 - 9 (will melt in desert sun)

Mature Size: 2-3 inches tall, will spread

Light: Full, at least 8 hours.

Water: Sempervivums can grow in moist areas but will prefer a bit on the dry side.

Soil: Fast-draining, Sometimes no soil at all!

Dormancy Period: Winter

Pet-Safe: Yes

Plant Size: 4" pot


Oh gosh...this Sempervivum. I fell inlove with it the moment I saw it the very first time in early 2019. This Sempervivum is still pretty darn hard to get a hold of due to its [law-enforced] limit in propagation. This is the first Sempervivum that is mainly yellow and gold through most of the year! The colors change from fully red to stripe yellow/orange/gold/maroon through the growing season. A step away from your typical green and maroon Semps. Definately a must!

Sempervivum Chick Charms® 'Gold Nugget' [2.5"]

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