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Xerosicyos danguyi

Native range: West and Southwest Madagascar

Known names: Silver Dollar Plant, Silver Dollar Vine

Hardiness: Best above 50°F

Mature Size: Long vine-forming plant. Leaves are 1"-2" long.

Light: 6+hours of sun - full sun.

Water: Water to prevent leaves from shrivling in winter. Deep soak twice a month during summer. Water sparingly during spring and autumn. 

Soil: Fast-draining, "succulent mix" 

Dormancy Period: N/A

Pet-Safe: Yes

Plant Size: Grown in 4" pots, shipped semi bare root.


Thick, round green-to-silver leaves on round green stems. Climbing plant. Seed-grown plant will produce a caudex, cuttings wont (we have cuttings). Dioecious (a plant will either be male or female). This is a cousin to cucumbers.

Xerosicyos danguyi (Silver Dollar Plant) [4"]

SKU: 2730015083071
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