• Nanthawat Jiranuwatana

Introducing The Other Side Nursery!

Welcome to The Other Side Nursery!

I have been contemplating on how to further pursue my passion for plants for a while now. After much planning and thought, I have started The Other Side Nursery!

Warning to my readers: My grammar is poor and overuse punctuation marks; I am not a writer.

Short introduction I have been collecting all different types of plants. I collect all plants, from common plants all the way to unfathomably rare ones; I don't believe in discrimination...except for blackberries...(Those of you living in the Pacific Northwest will probably understand why). I have been collecting and messing around with plants for more than a decade (pushing two decades now). The passion for plants actually started from me being a petty neighbor. Once upon a time, one of the HOA manager told me and my parents that our planter looks really bad and that we had to rework it ASAP. That persuaded me to look plants up, researched their care, their growing range, their specific needs, etc. in order to select the proper plant for my situation. Of course the ones I ended up with were anything-but easy plants to care for [on purpose]. I planted several plants that required tons of work for the HOA but the plants were very pretty nevertheless...and that's pretty much how this all started.

Why the name "The Other Side"? Because the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! We'll just conveniently replace the word "grass" with "plant"! ;)

Currently, I'm just running this operation by myself with the support from my four dogs, one cat and a loving partner. Over the years I have made friends with many plant people and many of these people are supporting me and teaching new things constantly. I'm eternally grateful for all of you.

Going forward- I am very excited and looking forward to helping you all discover this wonderful world of plants!

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